Atlas Gallery

Dorset Street, London

The Joseph McKenzie Archive is excited and delighted to announce that Atlas Gallery, one of London's most renowned art galleries specialising in Photography, will be representing the archive within the global commercial art market. 

The Joseph McKenzie archive comprises of over 40,000 original black and white vintage and life time works produced exclusively and single-handedly by Joseph McKenzie. Each work has been hand prepared and finished ensuring that they all met with his high and exacting standards. Several are selenium toned to maximise preservation and all are signed with the majority having added hand written titles and detail. As can only be expected from one of the worlds most highly regarded master printers, each print is a work of art covering an equally impressive range of subject from still life, social documentary, landscapes, portraits, fashion and much much more. 

Joseph McKenzie was also a highly accomplished teacher and many of his students have become renowned photographers in their own rights.   

Having withdrawn from public exhibition in 1973 Joseph McKenzie did not sell much of his work throughout his lifetime and for many, this will be the first opportunity to acquire both vintage and life-time prints hand produced exclusively by Joseph McKenzie between 1947 and 2015. With only limited numbers available this is a genuine opportunity to own and enjoy the work of one of the finest photographers in the world. 

In association with the Platinum Print Room the archive will also release a very limited edition collectors boxed set of platinum prints but limited to a maximum of 10 sets.

Work by Joseph McKenzie will be presented by Atlas Gallery at Photo London, 15th-19th May, 2024. 

Original prints and boxed sets will be available through Atlas Gallery 

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